Day 1- Sendoff & LaGrange

Day 1: LaGrange College

Hey everyone! It’s the Bashfuls here with our first TWB Blog!! We are McCauley, Allie, Alex, Ashlyn, Grace, Sydney, Cheyenne, Annalise, Spencer, Noah, McRae, Bradie, Meredith, and Will!

This morning we arrived at Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church, said goodbye to our loved ones, and boarded the TWB bus for the first time! To start off our trip we had a stop in South Carolina, orientation and then a traveling lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches (the counselors left some of the cheese wrappers on!) with the option of jalapeño cheese puffs, chips, and cookies for desert! Grant made his sandwich with chips and cookies on top of it.

After our traveling lunch, we began “Speed Dating”, where we moved from seat to seat telling the rest of the group about ourselves, and meeting all of the other amazing participants. This was an amazing way to meet everyone! We all said our names and where we were from about 70 times.

Grace, Lauren and Kate riding on the Miss America Van

Traveling through Atlanta 

We took our first stop at a Wal-Mart in LaGrange, Georgia. Most people headed either to the bathroom, to buy watches, or the candy isle. The Happy group went to buy the burgers for tonight.

 Buying watches and groceries at Walmart 

We pulled into LaGrange College Campus, we had a quick meeting where Ian Faulkner and Brenna Rogers did their research! Brenna presented on the state of Georgia, and Ian on LaGrange College.

Afterwards, the president of the college, Dr. Alexander came and spoke to us about the college and the history (it is a private school founded in the 1830s, and the oldest private college in the state of Georgia). We are currently divided into our groups and doing our roles for the night; we are divided into Dwarf groups which is how we all work together to do jobs on the trip which include: Bloggers, Cooks, Dishwashers, Bus packers, Bus cleaners, Site Managers.

Later tonight we will eat dinner, have team relay races and do our first sing along as a group! It’s supposed to storm tonight so stay tuned to find out where we sleep!

Relay Race Winners: (to be announced tomorrow!!!) We have a competition the whole trip to see what group can win the most games, skits, best cooks, dance competition, etc!

 The Happy Group cooking burgers tonight

 Counselor Josh Kerns leading his Happy cooks! 

 Sami, Anna Grace and Matt Moore working hard to prepare a great meal! 

 Heather teaching the Bashfuls how to blog! 

 Hot and sweaty cooks, but they did a great job! 

Our Lemonade makers Madelyn Daggerhart and Sara Mauney 

 Playing Spoons! 

 We had pyramid contests, racing to see who would get to eat first (Sneezys won)

 BRYSON DELLINGER'S FIRST BURGER EVER!!! (yes you read that correctly) say what!? 

 Kate and Elizabeth washing the dishes! 

 Hamburger eating contest...YUM

 Eryn Faggart is in the Sleepy group and look at her shirt- how perfect! 

 The Bashfuls! 

 The Sneezys! 

 The Sleepy group! 

 The Dopey Group! 

 Grumpy Group 

 Sami, Emily, Chloe, Abbey, Brenna and Anna Grace posing with their Happy character! 

 The Grumpy Group with their character! 

Relay Games! 

 Caleb and Cheyenne in a rock paper scissors battle!

Update: Since the weather looked probable for rain, the counselors made the decision to sleep inside in the LaGrange gym tonight. In the gym we bonded by rolling out our sleeping bags, singing songs, and even playing games and throwing a football. We are so excited for New Orleans tomorrow!!

 Our awesome guitar players for the singalong! 

 S/O to Jake and Ashlyn for being our trip guitarists! 

Counselors Vickie, Caitlin, Michael and bus driver Henry 

(More pics to come later) :) Thank you for reading!!