Day 7- Las Vegas


Today we woke up again at the Grand Canyon. We were told we could sleep in a little, but unfortunately we were awoken by the nice crows yelling in our campsite. We had a very relaxed morning with some yummy pancakes and sausage prepared by the Grumpy’s. 

After breakfast, we got ready for Vegas, and had a quick meeting with our counselors! On the bus we prepared for our Vegas chants, which we will perform at UNLV tonight! 

The girls were very excited to be wearing real clothes! 
These chants are completely made up by the groups and can be similar to any song or jingle, but the content must describe the trip so far! We had so much fun practicing on the bus (even though the air conditioning went out) and were even happier to arrive at UNLV to perform. 
This is what happens when you fall asleep on the bus when you're supposed to be working on the chant, lol!! 

Doing the Chants at UNLV

The Grumpys won the competition and everyone did a FANTASTIC job, such creative lyrics and truly described all the inside jokes and funny things about our trip! 

Sun setting at UNLV, even at night time, the temperatures are still in the high 90s/low 100s!

After the Vegas chants, we made our way to Las Vegas just in time to see the Vegas Strip light up! When we arrived, us participants had some free time to explore, shop, eat a great dinner, or see the lights at the water show. Many people were bright eyed and bushy tailed to see Vegas for the first time!

At 11:45 we all loaded the busses and vans to make the overnight drive to Santa Monica. Most people were able to sleep, but some participants had to be "co-pilots" to keep the counselors and bus drivers awake and alert on the drive, and they did a fantastic job! 
We cannot wait to have a beach day at the Santa Monica pier tomorrow!! 

More pictures to come later!!