Day 4- Carlsbad Caverns

Day 4: Carlsbad Caverns

Hello America!! Before we start telling y'all about our day, we want to wish a special HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY to Jonas Nielsen! The girls snapped this picture shortly after the clock struck 12!

We are the DOPEYS our names are: Sarah U., Jonas, Collin, Julia K., Bryson, Landon, Lauren B., Amelia, Anne, Courtney, Rennie, and Levi and we are your new bloggers! 

This morning we woke up at 5:15 am for a long journey through Texas and New Mexico to visit Carlsbad caverns! When we first boarded the bus, most of us got a couple more hours of sleep. Later after a rest stop, we noticed the vegetation becoming more like a desert!

For breakfast we had a choice of cinnamon, blueberry, or plain bagels with cream cheese spread, we also had an apple, we were served by the Grumpys. We loaded the bus and headed to Carlsbad Caverns, while in the caverns one of the participants, Amelia, got a great surprise from one of the bats, it may have even stained her favorite shirt! The Grumpys also made us some New York style pizza rolls for lunch...they were delicious! 

Our star sleeper, Ian, with his co-stars enjoying a nice nap after a long night in Texas!

Crossing the state line from Texas into New Mexico!

Pulling into Carlsbad Caverns 

Sarah E., Sarah U., Stephen, Abby, Caroline, Noah, Paschal, and Nick enjoying the most amazing view at the top of Carlsbad Cavern!

Sarah and Ally taking a photo before entering the Caverns!

Ranger Rick telling us all about Carlsbad Caverns!

On our way down the trails to the Caverns!

Waiting to see the beautiful caverns!

All smiles before smelling the wonderful scent of bat poop...yummy :)

Chloe and Matthew enjoying the views of the Caverns!

Here's more of Trip 2 at the Caverns:

Cate and Hunter enjoying the heat and the beautiful view!

Alonnah Murphy and Counselor Heather sporting their Carolina Panthers gear in New Mexico!

Colton getting corn rows by the wonderfully talented Meredith!

Arriving at New Mexico Military Institute, where we will sleep tonight:

Dancing before seeing the beautiful campus of New Mexico Military Institute.

Hearing from Lt. Colonel Jeff Cunningham all about New Mexico Military Institute! 

 Madelyn and Clay channeling their inner alien, since we stayed in Roswell New Mexico tonight!! 

The new cooks, the Grumpys making wonderful nachos for dinner! 

Jamming out! 

Tonight was our first night actually sleeping outside! We finished the night singing, talking, and prepping more for the Grand Canyon! We are having so much fun so far and we can't wait for everything else TWB has to offer!