Day 2- New Orleans

Day 2- New Orleans

We had a bright and early wake up call this morning… Well more like dark and early. We woke up around 5:30 and packed up our items from the LaGrange gym. Once the gym was cleaned up, we hit the road on our first destination of the day-Auburn University! While most people slept others played cards. People are started to get more comfortable with each other, and the bus is just getting louder and louder! We took a stop at Wal-Mart to let the cooks get travel breakfast and travel lunch, a few of us even bought items from the Auburn store.

  Look at the clock!! We see 23 sunrises on TWB

 Rennie and Maya doing their research at Auburn University 

After Wal-Mart, we had pop tarts and bananas for our breakfast during a two-hour ride to the rest stop at Mississippi. While at the rest stop, Jack and Ashley shared their research about Mississippi (the state and the river!) Both participants did a great job on the research, making it unique and interesting, especially Jack’s- after a few lines of facts, he got the group to recite “Thank God for Mississippi."

 Haley sports her new Auburn tshirt

 Collin, Robert and Ian in the Tiger store

The girls love Auburn too! 
Cooks working hard to buy our Traveling Lunch 

Once we hit the road again, the cooks made our lunch. Nothing like frozen chicken wraps, some of us used the heat on the busses and vans to thaw the cooked chicken- It was delicious!  

After a few more hours on the bus we ended up in New Orleans. We took a brief walk (in the pouring rain!)  to Jackson Square where we looked at the Mississippi River and the St. Louis Cathedral, one of the oldest in the USA. We continued our walk by going to a cute little French bakery; Café Du Monde. At the bakery, some participants ordered hot chocolate and coffee to warm up from the pouring rain, and everyone got Beignets, they were covered with powder sugar and came straight from the hot oven. (yuuum!!!)

 Ashlyn and Madison loving Cafe DuMonde! 

Blowing the powdered sugar face! Nice one, Grant! 

For the next two hours we got to explore New Orleans and even took an iconic group picture on Bourbon Street, talk about different!! There were people everywhere and we had some super strange places to go. 

Tonight we traveled to Fontainebleu State Park in Louisiana to bed down for the night. Thankfully, we were indoors in cabins on high stilts. Don’t worry parents; we will be out tomorrow morning before the Storm hits! (See the update on the TWB Facebook Page) 

On the way to the campground, all of our dwarf groups worked together to prepare a performance of “Dixieland Delight” for our nightly Dwarf competitions.

For dinner tonight, the Happys (cooks) prepared salad, spaghetti and bread, it was awesome! 

After dinner, we received our TWB sportswear and had our Dixieland Chants competitions, where the HAPPYs took the W! (Jayda Canada, Madelyn Daggerhart, Stephen Deutsch, Emily Esarove, Sara Mauney, Colton McElveen, Matt Moore, Alonnah Murphy, Brenna Rodgers, Jack Seigel, Samantha Skidmore, Chloe Strickland). Everyone did an AWESOME job. See photos below...

 The Dopeys 

 The Sleepys 

 The Grumpys

 The Bashfuls 

  The Sneezys 

 The winning group- The Happys!! 

As Jack would say "Thank God for Mississippi"

We are so excited to be traveling to the big state of Texas tomorrow- thank you for reading!