Participants words from the Grand Canyon!

Grand Canyon Quotes

1.     “The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful things I’ll ever see.”
-Alex Smith, Midland, NC

2. “I’ll never forget how vast the Canyon is and (now) really small we as individuals are.”
       -Anne Marie Cloaninger, Indian Trail, NC

3.  “The view was well worth the sweat and sunburn.”
           - Haley Jones, Statesville, NC

4. “The most productive thing I have ever done before 7 AM.”
             -Makayla Stadler,  Reidsville, NC

5. “I’m glad I did the 3 mile hike.”
           - Grant Harris, Union, SC

6.  “All the pictures ever taken will never slightly compare to the view.”
             - Lauren Schultz, Gastonia, NC

7. “I did it Mom & Dad! Kinda… sorta… okay so maybe I only hiked three miles, but same difference.”
      -  Eryn Faggart, Gastonia, NC

8.   “12 miles really felt like 30 miles. I did it though…barely.”
              - Caroline Shoemaker, Gastonia, NC

9.  “It was nothing of what I expected. Blew my expectations away.”
             - Colin Walsh, Mooresville, NC

10. “The pictures don’t live up to the actual Canyon. The best thing I’ve ever done.”
              -Ashley Rak, Mooresville, NC

11. “The Grand Canyon was fun and had a great view.”
            - Amelia Christensen, Charlotte, NC

12. “The view was breathtaking and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.”
  -  Briana Waters, Wilmington, NC

 13. “The Grand Canyon was the only thing I have ever seen that is more beautiful than my mama.”
-       Paschal Lutz, Sanford, NC

14. “Wow. Just Wow.”
-       Brady Holmes, Pinehurst, NC

15. “I conquered my fear of heights today by hiking one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.”
            - Sarah Roth, Sanford, NC

16. “Watching the sunrise over the Grand Canyon was something I’ll never forget.”
            - Julia Jakubowski, Mooresville, NC

17. “I’ve already said I wish I brought a better camera, but the pictures still wouldn’t do that view justice.”
            - Julia Knapp, Mooresville, NC

18. “We beat V’s highschore.”
            - Spencer Norman, Mooresville, NC

19. “The single most amazing experience of my life.”
            - Ian Faulkner, Mooresville, NC

20. “The Grand Canyon is big…”
            - Ben Harris, Gastonia, NC

21. “I had to keep taking reality checks because of the breathtaking views from all the angles.”
            - Sarah Umphlett, Mooresville, NC

22. “Seeing the Canyon, the sunrise, and stars in the sky at the same time made me thankful to be living in a world so beautiful.”
            - Robert Keck, Mooresville, NC

23. “The sunrise was so beautiful it brought me to tears, definitely one of the best views and experiences of my life.”
            - Madelyn Daggerhart, Cherryville, NC

24. “Hiking in the Grand Canyon was probably the hardest, yet most amazing experience I’ve had in my life. The view was breathtaking.”
            - Meredith Witherell, Gastonia, NC

25. “The Grand Canyon really is the 7th wonder of the world.”
            -Rustyn Orbison, Mt. Villa, NC

26. “The prettiest hole in the ground I’ve ever seen.”
            - Mary Michael Belve, Union, SC

27. It’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen besides my mirror.”
            -Hunter Avery, Cherryville, NC

28. “I pushed myself to do the 12 mile hike. It was so worth it. The view was absolutely breathtaking.”
            -Bryson Dellinger, Gastonia, NC

29.  “The hike was one of the most difficult and amazing experiences. The view is unlike any other.”
            -Caitlyn Andrews, Lake Waccamaw, SC

30. “Hiking the Grand Canyon was like nothing I’ve ever done before and it was definitely the most amazing sight to see as well as one of the most exciting things I’ve ever experienced.”
            - Ashley Matheis, Noblesville, IN

31. “The view looing down at the Colorado River was worth hiking 12 miles for.”     
            - Landon Bisson, Denver, NC

32. “Reaching the top after the hike was the most fulfilling experience I’ve ever had. I felt on top of the world.”
            - Chloe O’Briant, Wilmington, NC

33. “Seeing the Canyon for the first time was something I’ll never forget.”
            - Matthew Moore, Wilmington, NC

34. “The most amazing place on Earth.”
            -Nick Mitchell, Fairmont, NC

35. “Oh yeah.”
            - Clay Gothe, Belmont, NC

36. “Never have I seen anything so breathtaking and wonderful in my life.”
            -Max Bradley, Lincolnton, NC

37. “Every step was more challenging than the last but when you are in the world, that does not seem to matter.”
            -Jonas Nielsen, Indian Trail, NC

38. “The sunrise was pretty and hiking up was hard.”
            - Anna-Grace Agnini, Mooresville, NC

39. “Lions and tiger and squirrels… OH MY!!!”
            - Colton McElveen, Gastonia, NC

40. “Going down is optional, going up is MANDATORY!”
            -Caleb Chipman, Monroe, NC

41. “The hardest part for me was stopping, you just have to keep going and be optimistic.”
            - Lucas Horton, Statesville, NC

42. The struggle was worth the most amazing view!
            - Lauren Brewington, Union, SC

43. “Hiking the Grand Canyon was the most difficult and rewarding experience of my life; the view can’t be compared to anything else in the world.”
            - Jodi Thatcher, Chesterfield, SC

44. The hike was a great experience it made me come out of my comfort zone and to help others and be a leader.”
            - McRae Moore, Kings Mountain NC

45. “The Grand Canyon was one of the best and most breathtaking experiences you will ever have; it was very lit.”
            - Kevin Kang, Morrisville, NC

46. “I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much but hiking with everyone was a lot of fun. The view is breathtakingly amazing.”
            - Sarah Esarove, Matthews, NC

47. “It was such a great experience and it felt good to challenge myself. My favorite part was running up the last switch back with Ian and Chloe. Unforgettable and breathtaking.”
            - McCauley Palmer, Denver, NC

48. “The sunrise was so pretty to watch, while we  were hiking.”
            - Allie Jones, Salisbury, NC

49. The feeling I felt when I saw the sun rise in the Canyon cannot be described with words.
            - Abby Black, Mooresville, NC

50. “Don’t let the canyon cramp your style (no pun intended).”
            - Noah Rodriquez, Gastonia, NC

51. “Hiking the Grand Canyon was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but shout out to my amazing TWB friends for enduring it with me.”
            - Courtney Prevette, Reidsville, NC

52. “It’s amazing how God has created such a beautiful and breathtaking places.”
            - Kyleigh Goodman, Mooresville, NC

53. “There are no words to explain how beautiful the Canyon was. It was breathtaking.
            - Hannah Denson, Sanford, NC

54. “I beat V’s prediction by 1 ½ hours.”
            - Levi Peterson, Salisbury, NC

55.  “The Grand Canyon was absolutely breathtaking.”
            - Jacob Kepley, Salisbury, NC

56. “The sun over the canyon was brighter than my future. “
            - Sami Skidmore, Reidsville, NC

57. “Part of me died in the Canyon.”
            - Cheyenne Doss, Stoneville, NC

58. “When I walked in the Canyon, I was a different person than when I walked out.”
            - Meredith Levy, Gastonia, NC

59. “It was the most breathtaking thing I have ever seen.”
            - Stephen Deutch, Salisbury, NC

60. “The intangible beauty of the Grand Canyon is impossible to articulate into words, and impossible to convey in any photograph or painting, but the hike was definitely trying.”
            - Jack Seigel, Cary, NC

61. “HI MOM!!! The Grand Canyon was spectacular, but challenging!”
            - Grace Hinds, Wilmington, NC

62. “The most difficult things are the most beautiful things.”
            - Cate Johnson, Belmont, NC

63. “It was such an amazing experience to watch the sun rise with the best people I have ever met. The Grand Canyon will forever be a special memory.”
            - Emily Esarove, Matthews, NC

64. “God has blessed us with the most beautiful creations, and we are so lucky to have been able to witness this one. Pushing my body to complete the hike resulted in the most amazing feeling. I will definitely be back.”
            - Maya Anderson-Badillo, Garner, NC

65. “The best but also most challenging thing I’ve ever done.”
            -Sydney Hoffman, Cornelius, NC

66. “The view made everything worthwhile.”
            - Kathryn McRae, Anson, NC

67. “By far one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.”
            - Brenna Rodgers, Mooresville, NC

68. “The Canyon was simultaneously the most amazing and scary thing I’ve ever done.”
            - Sara Mauney. Cherryville, NC

69. “Absolutely gorgeous. Definitely worth getting up at 3 in the morning.”
            - Elizabeth Foy, Gastonia NC

70. “Life’s a climb, but the view is great!”
            - Hannah Locklear, Monroe NC

71. “It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it ain’t been real fun.”
            - Makayla Lawson, Reidsville, NC

72. “I could try to come up with a quote but no words can describe the beauty of the Grand Canyon.”
            - Chloe Strickland, Laurinburg, NC

73. “It was hard coming back but it was easy.”
            - Creighton Ivey, Union, SC

74. “Its beauty is indescribable, no picture could capture it to the fullest. Coolest thing I’ve ever done.”
            - Ashlyn Sharpe, Mooresville, NC

75.  “Words can’t even describe the view as the sun rose over that canyon.”
            -Alonnah Murphy, Kannapolis, NC

76. “Unbelievable”
            -Julia DiBella, Gastonia, NC

77. “The sunrise in the Grand Canyon was one of the prettiest views I have ever seen”
            -Rennie Pearson, Gastonia, NC

78. “Words can’t describe the beauty of the Grand Canyon”
            -Annalise Froehlich, Gastonia, NC

79. “One of God’s most beautiful creations that still doesn’t feel real even after hiking it.”
            -Elizabeth Kurtz, Mooresville, NC

80. “Pictures don’t do it justice”
            -Jayda Canada, Union, SC

81. “It is absolutely insane that our God made something so big and beautiful and he still remembered to make us; breath taking”

            -Madison Ketchie, Mooresville, NC