Day 6- The Grand Canyon

Day 6: The Grand Canyon

This morning was an early one!! Today, we woke up at 3:30 a.m. to get started hiking. We left the campsite ASAP and ate our delicious peanut butter bagels and a banana on the way to the trail. As we started to hike we had to watch out for all of the yummy mule poop, but someone ended up steeping in it. The first three miles were the steepest and a lot of people were slipping down the trail. A big, rabid squirrel actually chased Colton! Gladly, everyone made it out of the canyon alive and perfectly healthy! When the first group came back to the campsite, they found that the crows had somehow ripped open Caroline Shoemaker’s Lucky Charms box. The crows ate about half the bag and Matthew finished the rest.

6 mile hiking group! 

3 mile hiking group! 

After everyone hiked, we took some really expensive (but much needed) showers and did our laundry. Today was very exciting and emotional since everyone got to call home. Some people also learned how to use a pay phone for the first time!

Yes, that is an apple! 


A true face of shock when looking with the Deaton stew!

Enjoying the famous DEATON STEW! 

 For the rest of the day everyone chilled and shopped around at the Gift Shops and ate the famous Deaton Stew for lunch. Cate found a whole apple in her stew. Other ingredients (that we knew of) were cheese puffs, dirt (off the ground) mixed in by a golf club, some potato chips, and veggies to help replenish our bodies form the hike.


Elk so close to our campsite! 

Hunter Avery doing his research! 

As we ended today, we felt more like family since all of us had just successfully completed one of the hardest things ever…together! To top off the amazing experience of hiking the canyon, the TWB band played some awesome sing along songs which included Party in the USA, Chicken Fried, Jumper, and Baby! All in all, our day in the canyon was one to never forget. JJJJYESSSSSSS!!!!!! (as Ms. V would say!)