Day 3- San Antonio

Day 3: San Antonio

Today we woke up at 4:30 am in Louisiana. It was raining as we boarded the bus at 5:15 am for our journey to San Antonio. Most people boarded the bus just to fall back asleep. We ate a breakfast of nutri-grain bars and mini donuts at about 8 am. The bus and the vans stopped every couple of hours (of course at the Flying J!!) for bathroom breaks and to fuel up!

After the Alamo, we proceeded to the River Walk which was surrounded by cool and unique shops and restaurants. Some of us explored the shops and some of us had Mexican food at Rita's on the river! 

Later in the day, the bus rides were filled with country music as we embraced the state of Texas. We arrived in San Antonio after an 11 ½ hour drive, around 3:30 pm. We first toured the Alamo and then went to the gift shop for post cards and more memorabilia. 

REMEMBER THE ALAMO!! Trip 2 smiles for the sunshine in the Lone Star State!

 Crossing the River over the River Walk Bridge!

 The Lone Star State!

Participants enjoying the sunny day in San Antonio, Texas! 

 As you can tell, we liked the bridge:)

 Walking out of River Walk after hours of adventure!

 Ben and Julia doing their research on the Alamo. Here, Julia told us that the first stone of the Alamo was laid in 1744. 

 Group listening intently to Julia and Ben's great research!

Chloe sharing her research on the River Walk!

 Part of our group posing in front of the Alamo, an 18th century church built by Franciscan in 1718 to convert local Indians to Christianity.

Entering the Alamo for the first time! 

 Landon, McCauley and Ian pose for a picture! 

 Eryn and Alex shopping at the Alamo gift shop! 

Jonas' last day of being 15 was spent exploring the Alamo! Kevin and Sarah were there too with their coon-skin hats to celebrate in place of birthday hats, lol. 

Buying postcards to REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!  

Many participants bought souvenirs for family and friends. 

Beginning the journey on the River Walk! 

Mary-Michael, Ashley, and Caroline posing in front of the River Walk! 

San Antonio has a lot of beautiful history!  

Enjoying a meal out to eat at Rita's on the River! 

We left San Antonio at about 7:15 pm to make our way to Schreiner University in Kerrville, Texas, where we will be sleeping inside tonight! We learned a lot about this university from Tammy, who is in charge of Auxiliary Services! We are so thankful for people like her who let us stay on college campuses. Seeing and staying at different colleges across the USA really gives is a feel of what other colleges are out there besides the NC schools we are accustomed to. Thanks Tammy and Schreiner!!

Schreiner is home to about 1,200 students and founded in 1923. 

For dinner tonight, the cooks made roast beef, turkey, and cheese sandwiches in the gym hallway, we all talked about the Grand Canyon and safety, and bonded before hopefully getting an early bedtime tonight! 

Counselors Caitlin, Heather and Michael matching in their TWB sportswear

It was a long day of traveling, but it was oh-so worth it! The journey continues tomorrow...this is the Bashfuls signing out, tomorrow we will have new bloggers! As always, thanks for reading! Hello to everyone back home :)