Day 11- Highway 1

Day 11: Highway 1

Hello America! Today was a day of reflection for the TWB gang. We spent the day driving up and down US Highway 1, looking out at the ocean, and singing countless songs as we went. We stopped just before lunch in Big Sur to look out over the Pacific, which was very picturesque to say the least.

TWB Counselors love the Pacific Ocean and these kiddos! 


Now that we have hit the western-most point of the trip, we will unfortunately be known as “Teens Eastward Bound.” While the journey is halfway over, we were reminded that making the most of the time that we have left with each other is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

The boys! 
The girls! 

 Our journey back won’t be a dull one either, as we head to San Francisco and back across the United States, we are growing closer and closer each and every day to both our peers and our counselors.

A special shoutout to Penny and Jerry for letting TWB stay at Lakeside Presbyterian Church these past 5 years! Penny, her husband, and that church are so helpful to TWB and without their friendship, TWB would have to sleep out in the San Fran Fog! After getting settled into Lakeside, we had to run across the street to take community showers at the YMCA! Interesting... 

We are ready to explore San Fran tomorrow, including the Cliff House, Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, Lombard street, etc. This is the Sleepy group signing off on our daily blog. Till next time!

(More pictures to come later!)