Day 13-Yosemite

Day 13: Yosemit

Hi America! We are the Sneezys and we are your new bloggers! Our names are: Elizabeth Foy, Nick Mitchell, Julia DiBella , Meredith Witherell, Lucas Horton, Caroline Shoemaker, Ashley Rak, Hannah Locklear, Grant Harris, Rustyn Orbison, Madison Ketchie, Max Bradley, Sarah Roth and Briana Waters.

After waking up at 6:00 this morning, we drove to Yosemite National Park. Our awesome cooks made us a delicious breakfast of cream cheese and peanut butter bagels that we ate on the road. Our long bus ride allowed for us to catch up on some much needed sleep as we headed to our destination. For our insanely yummy lunch, we had chicken and cheese sandwiches with off-brand Doritos (we’re on a pretty tight budget…). We travelled through a very long tunnel in which we had a little contest to see who could say “Oreo” the longest without taking a breath. Traffic stopped in the middle of it, so there were no winners. Luckily, no one passed out trying to win.

Once we emerged on the other side, the views were absolutely unreal! Yosemite was super crowded so we didn’t have the chance to walk around like we wanted. However, we made the best of it and had jam sessions and photo shoots! We ended up taking pictures through the bus and van windows and they actually turned out pretty good. Before we stopped for the night, we got out to take a group picture, but before Heather could snap it, we had a huge snowball fight on top of 10 foot snow drifts!!! Playing in it was “SNOW” much fun, but it was quite chilly. We were all soaking wet after the fight but it was totally worth it.

Following our epic snowball fight, we loaded back on the bus and headed to our campground. Our usual campground in Yosemite was completely flooded because of all of the melting snow, so we’re staying a little ways down the road in a little town called Lee Vining. (Fun fact: the population of this town is only in the 300’s!) Tonight for dinner, our cooks whipped us up a tasty meal of pasta with Alfredo sauce and bread. For dessert we had some mini cupcakes from our favorite place… WALMART!

Arriving at camp in Lee Vining

Tonight, our showers were limited (lots of people are going to have to make friends!) We’re finally starting to bed down for a short and starry night before hitting the pavement bright and early en route to Salt Lake City!

Until tomorrow,
            The Sneezys