Day 14- Driving into Salt Lake City!

Day 14: The Salt Flats

Hello there! From the moment we woke up we knew that today would be essentially a trekking day as we pushed hundreds of miles from California to Utah.  As we began our day, we loaded into the vehicles and immediately postponed our waking hours by taking our usual morning naps. Soon we realized even our sleepiness could not help us dodge the lengthiness of our drive because today we would be driving for a whopping 12-13 hours! (But it would be worth it because we got to see and LICK the salt flats!)

Rustyn is not a fan of the salty taste

 We passed back into a different time zone and became a little sad as we realized we were on our journey back home. After sleeping a while, we had breakfast that consisted of Froot-Loops, Frosted Mini-Wheats, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (not the off brand kind!!). Once we were finished with breakfast, it was decided that the bus was going to watch a movie. After narrowing down our choices to just a few, we played rock-paper-scissors to determine which movie we’d watch. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl was our first winner and was a big hit for us TWBer’s. One person in particular, Matthew Moore, was pretty excited for The Black Pearl. 

Next, we watched Inception; a thrilling tale about dreams upon dreams. It was so good that hardly anyone slipped off into his or her own dreamland. While the bus watched movies, the vans played games to get to know each other even more, and we had our usual jam sessions (and of course slept too, see below!) For our lunch, we had chicken wraps that were much better than the first ones since the chicken had actually thawed this time! After having our usual Flying J stop, we were getting back on the highway and had quite the issue. Miss America’s trailer doors were left unlatched and they came flying open! Fortunately, nothing was lost!! 

The Girls 

After traveling for what seemed like years, we finally arrived at the Salt Flats of Utah!! It smelled like rotten eggs out there, but it was still a sight like no other. We wondered how the salt got there, but none of us had our cellphones to Google it. Of course, our counselors encouraged us to crouch on the ground and lick it to see if it was really salt.  It was, and it was gross; at least we can say we’ve done that now!

After seeing the Salt Flats, we were so tired as we made our way to the campsite! 

For dinner tonight, we had yummy hamburgers with all the trimmings and sides of chips, cookies, and apples! Tonight, we’re bedding down at the Deseret Peak Complex, which means we are inside and sheltered from the elements. We’re ecstatic to explore Salt Lake City tomorrow, but all that’s on our minds is the good nights sleep we’re about to get!


Stay tuned for more of our adventures and antics!
            The Sneezys