Day 15-SLC & Bear Lake

Day 15: Salt Lake City and Bear Lake

After spending the night at Deseret Peak Sports Complex in Utah, we woke up early, packed the bus, and headed to Salt Lake City to visit Temple Square and the Mormons. This morning we ate parfaits with cheerios and chocolate chips. When we arrived in Salt Lake City, we split into small groups to take a tour of the Mormon temple and learn about their beliefs.

Some of the structures we visited were the Mormon Temple and Tabernacle, the latter was a quite remarkable architectural feat with admirable acoustics and an impressive foundation. The Sisters that led us on our tour were well spoken and deviated to their beliefs making the experience all the more interesting.

Once the tours were finished we took group photos, then headed to the largest mall in Utah in search of food. Immediately after arriving at the mall, more than half the group ran to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast.

Technology!!! We love to Facetime our family and friends 

While at the mall we went to Lush to try hand scrubs (our hands are pretty soft considering we have been camping), the Apple store to call parents (we miss y’all), and souvenir shops. After shopping several of us went back to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. A pleasant surprise occurred when Nigel Williams-Goss of the Utah Jazz stopped in for a bite at Chick-Fil-A as well! 

Landon teaches the local boys a new trick! 

We were finally able to leave Salt Lake City around 2:00 once our battle-scarred Carolina Girl had been repaired!  As we finally departed just a tad behind schedule, we headed toward our next campground, Bear Lake.  We wove in and out of the rocky hills of Utah for a few more hours before eventually making it to yet another Walmart!  Our cooks made some quick purchases for our dinner and we hit the road for our final stretch to the campground.  We arrived just after 6:00 and the first thing we did was book it to the shoreline of the chilly Bear Lake!

We got in the water for a good half an hour or so, and had chicken fights, recorded go-pro videos, and swam as much as we could before coming back in for a much needed hotdog and baked beans dinner made by the Dopeys! Right after dinner and showers, we were finally able to receive our mail (tossed by the counselors with enthusiasm) to cap off our wonderful visit to Utah.  


We are ready for the 4th! 

Thank you so much, Family and Friends for our awesome mail! It is one of our favorite days on TWB! Tomorrow we will wake up early to make our way to Jackson, Wyoming! HAPPY 4TH of JULY EVE!

Until tomorrow, America!

The Sneezys!