Day 16- Jackson Hole, Teatons, Yellowstone

Day 16: Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Grand Tetons; Yellowstone! 

Hello all it’s the sneezys! We woke up early this morning to cold weather, mosquito bites and a nice layer of dew on all of us (tarps are really handy!). We set off for Jackson Hole, Wyoming, feeling a bit patriotic, decked out in our red, white, and blue! Almost instantly, we crashed on the rides to catch up on our much needed rest.  

All decked out for the 4th in Jackson Hole, WY

Time for Research on Wyoming and Jackson

By about mid-morning we were served some delicious muffins and apples, which we consumed rather groggily but afterwards we were awake and ready to visit the historic Jackson, Wyoming!  We arrived there at roughly 10:00, just in time to enjoy bison burgers, pizza, and their Fourth of July parade. We also visited Shirt Off My Back, a tightly packed and vastly stocked gift store that featured a life-sized plush black bear by the entrance! 

We even got to see the 4th of July parade! 

Ms. Beautiful posing with one of her Sanford students, Pascal! 

Eating Bison burgers for the first time! 
 The Grand Tetons and Chapel of Transfiguration:

We eventually departed from the heartwarming town and made our way through the snaking roads through the mountains of Wyoming. We made a stop at the Chapel of Transfiguration, a small and tight fit, but there truly was no better place to be together at as we reflected and grew with one another.  We bonded in the cozy chapel that overlooked the staggering yet beautiful Grand-Teton Mountains. 

Now off to YELLOWSTONE! 

After some singing and even more hugs, we snapped a few pictures and headed back on the road with a matured mindset and sense of family.  Henry lead our drivers through more winding terrain as we finally made it into the heart of Yellowstone National Park.  We raced out of the vehicles and booked it for the geysers not knowing how much time we had to give before Old Faithful erupted! 
Clay was very proud of his American spirit! 

Posing right after Old Faithful went off! 

Another stop at the Painted Mud Pots in Yellowstone 

Grant Heather entertain the crowd before we meet the ranger! 

Ranger (counselor) Caitlin has arrived, lol! 

Fortunately we made it in time and after a couple teases the geyser valiantly burst forth into the afternoon sky leaving us all stunned. After such an amazing sight, we quickly made our way to the mud pots of Yellowstone to view some of the boiling springs and geysers, as we were lead by our very in-character park ranger, Caitlin!  Our cooks then made us chicken sandwiches for dinner and we broke out our glow sticks in our festive mood. Lastly, we took pictures at “The Little Grand Canyon” overlook before embarking on our homestretch to our campground in Cody, Wyoming!

We have arrived at the campground in Cody at roughly midnight so it’s time to hit the hay! Tomorrow we get up early to go white water rafting and to the rodeo! (Please be patient with blog uploads as we will be very busy the next few days with activities!!) 

Good night and happy America from the Sneezys!