Day 17- Cody, Wyoming

Day 17: Cody, Wyoming

            Another day, another job rotation. We are the Happy’s! Our names are: Brenna Rodgers, Jayda Canada, Alonnah Murphy, Abby Black, Colton McElveen, Madelyn Daggerhart, Stephen Deutsch, Chloe Strickland, Sara Mauney, Emily Esarove, Matthew Moore, Jack Seigel, Sami Skidmore, and Anna-Grace Agnini. We are happy to be your bloggers for the next few days!

            This morning we woke up at 6:45 to Vicky and her strange Mickey Mouse voice. We hurriedly got ready to meet with the white water tour guide director who had traveled to our campsite with two shuttles ready to take us to the shonane river. The water was colder than Jack on Titanic. It was unusually full from the amount of snow runoff that fills the streams. Michael’s group managed to run into a tree while flying down the river! After all the rafting groups thawed from the icy cold river, we ate a home cooked meal of eggs, sausage, and grits. Then we addressed the topic of washing laundry. Groups were split up and sent to local laundromats, where we not only washed clothes, but also played bumper cars with the laundry carts and played cards. Afterwards was time to get prepared for the rodeo, which many of us used to take a trip to the Dairy-Queen, or to take a nap before actually getting ready.

V is the one! 

The cooks making a dinner before the rodeo! 

There happened to be a group on a similar trip to ours staying right next to us, and we managed to make friends with a few of them during our free-time. Then the storms rolled in. We heard the thunder as the clouds rolled over the mountains, and our new friends ran for cover as we all made sure our things were covered by our tarps. Luckily the rain only lasted a few minutes, and soon we were on the way to the rodeo.

Grant is rodeo ready! 

We did some shopping in Cody before the rodeo, a lot of people bought cowboy hats to get in the spirit!
            The rodeo was definitely interesting and a lot of fun. Several of our participants rode a mechanical bull....
Kate and Hunter wearing their new hats 

Rodeo Capital of the world!!!
Stephen and Josh all dressed up 

Our professional bull riders: 

Ian riding the bull 

Cheyenne takes a turn

Creighton gives it a try! 

Go Landon!!

Madelyn rides the bull too 

Go Jake!! 

Hunter is having the time of his life 

until now... 

Ashley "Indiana" shows us how it's done 

 Jonas made an appearance in the ring, after an announcement was made calling all children 12 and under to play a game. We all cheered wildly as he participated in a calf chase, and unfortunately he did not bring home the gold. Yep, that’s right, Jonas lost to a bunch of little kids and managed to bulldoze one of them! 

Josh all decked out for the occasion 
We had to put up with a little rain and wind, but it wasn’t enough to distract us from the show! It was over way too soon and we headed back to the campsite for a group meeting and a trip to Dairy Queen!

Grant is sad he's not in the rodeo 

After the rodeo, we went to Dairy Queen!!

McCauley was a little sleepy in DQ

The girls and the cowboys

            Now that it is midnight, us Happys are getting pretty sleepy! See you tomorrow!!!!! Peace out y’all!!!! YEE-HAW!!! Love your favorite dwarfs...

-The Happy’s <3