Day 22- Kentucky

Day 22- Kentucky

Hello everybody, it is the Grumpy Group again! Today we woke up at 5:30 in the morning. We hopped on the bus and headed to Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby! After a couple hours of sleep on the bus the travelers were awakened by the famous Call to the Post at full volume. Every time a teen asked for it to be turned down, it only got louder. Michael proceeded to play horse noises off his phone and Ms. V decided to make her own horse sounds! Before we arrived at Churchill Downs we had a breakfast of bagels with cream cheese and strawberry cream cheese.

Paschal sharing his research!

Touring Churchill Downs

The kiddos are a little exhausted, they stopped for a nap on this nice bench in Churchill downs

Horse at Churchill! 

Getting to see the track, the inside grass one and the outside dirt one

Exploring in the museum 

Collin and Kevin riding horses 

Soon after, TWB took over the home of the famous Kentucky Derby. We took a tour of Churchill Downs and walked through the Kentucky Derby Museum. After a couple of hours at Churchill Downs (which included a few naps on their lovely benches and floors), we hopped on the bus and vans to begin plotting our ideas for the talent show later tonight. That’s when our journey began to the first ever Kentucky Fried Chicken! We ate lunch a little later than usual. The meal consisted of turkey sandwiches with shredded cheese—unfortunately the cooks forgot the mayo. After lunch we were supposed to be planning for the talent show but many groups took naps instead, our group included. We had a mini stop at a truck wash near KFC and that is when reality set in. Many groups hopped off the bus eager to pull something together for the show. Procrastination put panic into the eyes of all of our grumpy group members. After the short car wash, many groups had at least a little bit of a plan, but hunger had taken over the minds of most TWB participants. The talent show was not looking good. After eating a delicious meal at KFC, the groups began to pull together. Who knew the groups could work so well under pressure?

Visiting the original KFC in Corbin, Kentucky! 

Bradie is excited for a "real" meal 

The cooks group are happy they get to serve the food tonight instead of make it! Thanks, KFC

Noah was challenged to drink some leftover gravy, gross! 

After a short ride to our campsite for the night, which held stage for our talent show, the competition was on.  The goal of tonight’s competition was to recap our past 22 days, release a few secrets, and relive old memories, all in humorous ways. Tonight every group showcased their acting skills and how well they could remember those little moments that truly made the trip. After a hard, but hilarious battle, the Grumpy Group came out on top for this competition. Following the announcement of our talent show winner, an even bigger winner would be revealed—the Overall Winner of the entire trip. The group’s culinary skills, competition skills, unity, and perseverance through their strenuous jobs were all taken into consideration throughout the decision process.

McRae acts as Ms. Vickie 

And now for our TWB 2017 Trip 2 Group of the Year
***Drum roll please ***

(Maya, Creighton, Cate, Mary Michael, Hunter, Paschal, Caitlyn, Lauren, Robert, Caleb, Haley, Elizabeth, Makayla)

            Regardless of who won the overall title, every group did a fantastic job throughout the trip and we are grateful for everybody’s hard work and creativity. Goodnight to all! SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!!