Day 21- St. Louis

Day 21- St. Louis 

Good afternoon everyone!! We are NOT in Kansas anymore… We have arrived in Illinois. This morning was an early one, beginning with a wake up at 5:30. The vehicles were loaded and ready to go by 6:15 AM.  We all were anticipating our morning naps but we were stunned when The V and Michael started screaming over the intercom in the bus. That showed us not to be loud at night… We all finally got relief and were able to sleep until breakfast was served.  Our cooks served a filling breakfast of mini doughnuts and apples.  Next the day consisted of our competition in the battle of the dwarves, which took place outside of the Royals and Chiefs stadiums.  After a close fight, the Grumpy group took the win in the balloon popping competition. 

Home of the KC Chiefs and the Royals

We made it to Missouri! 

The Balloon pop challenge!!! 

Poor Rennie getting licked awake 

We boarded the bus again and headed off to our next destination of the day… “Walters World” ( Walmart).  We had a longer visit in the store so we all stocked up on food and drinks and got back on the road. The cooks served a delicious traveling lunch, Roast Beef sandwiches, and carrots.  To kill some time while on the road, we played a new game… Josh impersonated different TWB campers and we all had to guess by the end we were all laughing hysterically. After the game we were on the road again on our way to the Saint Louis Archway!!

The drive was filled with naps, weird jokes, and even weirder burping contests and dance parties. We finally reached the Archway full of smiles and nerves as we looked up the 63 stories. All of the TWB clan waited in line to ride the pods up to the top. 
The doors to the little trams that take you up the Arch are tiny! 

Views from the Top of the Arch! 

Views from the top of the Arch: St. Louis 

Busch Stadium: Home of the St. Louis Cardinals 

At the top of the Arch: Sara, Ben, Sydney and Jack! 

We finally reached the top where we caught an amazing view of the city and the Mississippi River, and in the words of Jack “Thank God For Mississippi.” We descended down the Arch and headed back to the bus to begin the trek to the campsite tonight- Carlyle Lake.  

Happy 16th Birthday Caleb!!!!

Cooks making the gourmet meal of the evening

Tonight for dinner, the cooks made Sloppy Joes, french fries, and fruit! After dinner, we had a great sing along and bed down for the night! Tomorrow we make our way to Churchill Downs, the site of the Kentucky Derby! See you soon, family!