Day 19- Colorado: AF Academy, Olympic Training Center

Day 19- Colorado: AF Academy, Olympic Training Center 

Guess who’s back… back again… the Happys!!! We woke up around 5 this morning and loaded onto the bus where we had a delicious breakfast that consisted of Pop Tarts and fruit cups. We drove for several hours and many of us slept. Others however had a water gun fight on the bus, which woke the rest of us up! The van consisted of a massacre of the snack that smiles back (GOLDFISH!). Other than that all rides were very peaceful as we drove back through Wyoming and into Colorado.

Once we landed at Air Force Academy, we were greeted by Cadet Addison Smith who is a former TWB participant. He gave us a tour of the Chapel located in the center of the campus. The stained glassed windows were gorgeous along with the cadet we saw running for PT. To continue the TWB tradition, several of us girls kissed a cadet. Addison was the only cadet we talked to so he was kissed by many of the girls. 

Addison Smith tells the group all about cadet life! Thanks for the tour, Addison!

 The upstairs of the Airforce Academy Chapel 

Inside the chapel of the Air Force Academy

Alex and Madison give a smooch! On the cheek of course 

Cheynne and Sami kiss the cadet! 

ooooooo twins!! 
 We left in excitement for the Olympic Training Center. When we arrived, we started the journey with watching a short film on the panorama screen. Leaving us with chills, we were taken by a few of the workers to a theater where we saw the stories of many athletes. Many of had never felt more patriotic or inspired than in that moment. Josh however made the quote “I have never felt more fat in my life” (LOL).  After seeing the weight room, gymnasts, swimming pool, basketball court, and more, we went to the gift shop, which was probably one of the most expensive places we have been. (“Sorry Mom”- Abby Black) 
We do some funny things on the bus to stay entertained
Olympic Training Center- Colorado Springs! 



Tonight we made a short drive from the Olympic Training center to Colorado College where we will sleep! For dinner the counselors gave us a nice surprise (past participants, I am sure you remember what we had for dinner tonight!) After dinner and finishing our jobs, we all prepared and practiced for the dance competition, a TWB tradition (the Sneezys won!!!!) We had so much fun, and the videos will be posted later! Goodnight from Colorado, tomorrow we travel to Kansas!


Oh my

Oh, Clay...

Go Ben!

Grant Harris made everyone laugh tonight by doing the worm in a bathing suit! 

The dynamic duo is back 

The counselors take a whip at it!



 (Dance videos to come later when I have better connection! -Heather :)